Two Days

Two days without
Your companionship
And I go with
My life as it is:
Petty, pity in time.

Luckily, those days
Have gone. Let me
Live my future
And the rest of my years
Braided in your arms.


About DCG

Poetry writing emerged in me as a channel to relieve my angst and aggression against life and express my emotions on subtle things. It became my diary for quite a while. Feel free to experience my thoughts. If you do require my feedback, please leave a note on my MESSAGE BOARD below. Thanks.
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2 Responses to Two Days

  1. wordwand says:

    well written ; good use of similar sounding words.

  2. kolembo says:

    Ah, deeper linings! Marvelous!
    Here I am, trawling the net, flicking past that and there’s this – incoming!
    Sweet concise nugget of love, from a lover.

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