The Pursuit Of Poetry

The pursuit of Poetry is a lifelong affair,
Where one must strive hard to interpret his thoughts.
A scene treasured in the realm of the mind
Must be awesomely penned to justify its course.
Write on and ease your woe
For words vaguely written are the sentries of the soul.

The joy of poets is sought endlessly on paper.
Feelings never herald astound in plain dues.
Shortly reforms its elegies likewise,
And cuts its nothingness off without a clear view.
Striving without meaning…
For words cannot satisfy the thoughts the heart presumes.

The sound of rhyme and rhythm misjudge the context lines
Wherein rules uphold the grammar and meaning
Instead of the heart’s ways freely patterned,
Unmindful of the verbal errors in wordings.
Writing still in strange tones
While others see your craft as relentlessly worthless.

The serenity of poems lives on forever
As the soul is wounded by the impact done.
It cherishes thoughts rarely mystified
Altering the concavity of one’s reason
To study emotions
And the perpetual shelter within altered minds.

The proverbs of the soul must be kept sacred for life.
Antiquities herein outlive the ages.
Let poets be the scribes of tomorrow
To overshadow the fools from being sages.
Solemnly, live the dream
Be wise enough and pursue the vastness of writing.


About DCG

Poetry writing emerged in me as a channel to relieve my angst and aggression against life and express my emotions on subtle things. It became my diary for quite a while. Feel free to experience my thoughts. If you do require my feedback, please leave a note on my MESSAGE BOARD below. Thanks.
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4 Responses to The Pursuit Of Poetry

  1. Green Speck says:

    Poetry writing is a way to express your thoughts and desires, anxiousness and anticipation … loved your piece !!!

  2. Abin says:

    so good and so inspiring! you speak for all of us.wonderful!

  3. Yes, this is why we write……I love “let poets be the scribes of tomorrow”. Great writing.

  4. PhotoDiction says:

    I must say that I really enjoyed this. Especially the line “…the heart’s ways freely patterned”. A perfect image comes to mind.

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