I Thought I Knew What I Was Dreaming

I thought I knew
What I was dreaming:

The night time walks
And daytime talks
The future pledged of seeing;

The midnight phone calls
And certain gewgaws
The heart defined of meaning;

The swapping letters
And evening ventures
No longer seem existed;

The solemn promise
The spirit noticed
Refined and all retracted.

But all seems false
And love seems vain
I have no words of truce,

I’ll drudge myself
In scattered pieces
And paint them with my youth.


About DCG

Poetry writing emerged in me as a channel to relieve my angst and aggression against life and express my emotions on subtle things. It became my diary for quite a while. Feel free to experience my thoughts. If you do require my feedback, please leave a note on my MESSAGE BOARD below. Thanks.
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5 Responses to I Thought I Knew What I Was Dreaming

  1. Mary says:

    Hi Dennis…it is so hard sometimes, isn’t it, when what one thought was real….and what one dreamed and lived…all goes away and one realizes that it wasn’t love after all. Hard, hard, hard!

  2. Serena says:

    I remember a relationship in which I felt the same as this… It seemed we were poles apart but I hadn’t realized and I wondered… who am I having this relationship with? You captured the feeling well.

  3. I love the form and flow of this.

  4. Abin says:

    the agony of love comes through your well-constructed rhymes and rhythms.

  5. Such sadness rendered beautifully.

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