False Love

My time and sincere thoughts
Have been much focused
On you lately, yearning
That somehow you’ll
Reciprocate my feelings
With the sheer companionship
Of a lending ear.

I poured my heart out
Though I see you falter.

Just walk away
And let my delusions
Cloud in, solidifying
A lifetime of false love
And hopeless dreams.

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I Gave You My Life

I gave you my life
In its pure flavor,
Strong in scent
Though how withered it looks.

Ripened and ready,
I felt sorry
For it could never stand up
To your taste.

Your table manners
Seem quite ecstatic
For me to cope up
With your preferences.

What could I do more?

I’ve already wasted my time
Spoon feeding you
The main course.

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We used to ride
Those petty Jeepneys –
Old historic leftovers
From stark, nostalgic past.

Elbow to elbow,
Shoulder to shoulder,
None can withstand
The city’s traffic blast.

I sat beside you
Dead-eyed yet serene;
Brushing curious fingertips,
Feeling your tender skin.

Irritated, you squirmed.
Your heated look astounds me.

With smiles in my heart,
I’ll treasure that day
‘Though again and again
You pinched me.

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